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If your company's fiscal year is nearly over and you want to convert from Peachtree to Quickbooks, our service, P2QBLists is the easiest solution for data conversion. P2QBLists will convert all tables --- Chart of Accounts, Customer List, Vendor List, Item List (if your company stocks inventory or "non-stock items"), and Employee List. Depending on the size of your small business, this can be a voluminous, time-consuming manual task while you continue maintaining your production Peachtree system. BMS is the only company with proprietary, in-house software that converts Peachree to Quickbooks. There are other companies, people, and Quickbooks advisors who will do the conversions, but their services are mostly manual and take much longer that BMS' service.

Analysis of manual data entry for QuickBooks (QB) leads to an estimate of the "per unit" data entry time. Even though data entry in QuickBooks is intutive and easy, each entry (Chart, Customer, Vendor, Inventory Item [component, assembly, or finished product], and Employee) takes an average of five minutes per unit overall. Data Entry is defined as a person sitting at a desk with a printed list propped-up on a stand, reading the list and transferring this information via the keyboard into QB. This average includes interruptions (telephone, visits from office personnel, etc.) and various diversions from the immediate data entry task. The average includes the varying complexity of each different type of data entry.

If breaks (lunch, coffee, cigarette, rest, etc.) are configured into each eight hour day, the average employee works only 6.5 hours of each 8 hours. There are 12 five minute segments per hour and, therefore, a total of 72 five minute segments per each average working day. This means that an average of 72 data entry units are entered per day. The follow-up inspection/correction of typos will consume several more days or another week. Time it for yourself! One can readily conclude that the data entry process can be less productive over time than an automated process.

P2QBLists conversion process will save many tedious, laborious days (probably weeks). P2QBLists eliminates all of this work and removes the potential for error from the process. After conversion, you initialize the appropriate year-end balances into each ledger account in your Chart of Accounts at the beginning of your next fiscal year.

The Procedure

  1. Order the P2QBLists service here on this page (below) by clicking the order link. Or,

  3. If you want to pay for the P2QBLists service by company or personal check, then cut the check to Business Management Systems, Inc. in the amount of $499.99

  5. Open your company in Peachtree and verify that all lists (tables) are correct and contain the data you want.

  7. From the Peachtree File menu, create a Peachtree Backup to your harddrive or, if you don't have a CD burner, then run your Peachtree backup to floppy disks. Peachtree will prompt you. If you are creating a backup to floppy, it is recommended that you use a brand new box of pre-formatted floppy disks to ensure the integrity of your .ptb data that Peachtree will create. We don't want you to mail another copy after we tell you that your .ptb on floppy disk is corrupt.

  9. If you do have a CD burner, then burn a CD/R with the Peachtree backup that you created on your harddrive.

  11. Package the CD in a CD mailer envelope along with a cover letter that specifies your version of Peachtree, Peachtree Userid/Password (for our access), return postal address, and return carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, Airbourne, etc.). If you pay by check, insert your check in the CD mailer with your cover letter.

  13. Go to your US Post Office and mail the CD mailer to:


  15. Only the US Postal Service will send packages to a PO Box. Earlier we said that the data conversion service takes as little as three (3) business days. This is possible only if you mail the package with USPS Express Mail which guarantees next-day delivery. The conversion takes one day and the mailing takes one day in plus one day return. Your conversion service price includes the return by any carrier you wish.

P2QBLists service was tested using:

  1. Peachtree for Windows versions 7.0, 8.0, 10.0, and 2003
  2. QuickBooks Pro (any version from 1999)

P2QBLists will save an average small business with 200 ledger Accounts, 500 Customers, 200 Vendors, 20 Employees, and 3000 inventory Items about 3-4 weeks (97.5-130 hrs for 32.5hr weeks) of manual data entry time. The cost savings can be calculated. When the number of entries exceeds 1000, then P2QBLists is the best available method for converting your company.

To order your conversion service, click the Order Button below to pay by credit card or enclose a check with your CD as specified above.

Sale Price is $399.99

Sale Price is $399.99

A Note About Conversion of Other Transaction Types Besides Lists

When converting Cash Receipts, Invoices and Customer Payments, Bills and Checks, the average data entry time per unit increases from five minutes per transaction to eight minutes. We do not currently convert detailed payroll data although we do convert the Employee List. Payroll conversion is in development and will be offered shortly. Of course, P2QBLists focuses only on the various Tables or Lists and not the transactions. If you need to convert transactions, then refer to our P2QBPro page for more information about P2QBPro.

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