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Easy, time/cost-saving data conversion

Did you start your business using Peachtree™ Accounting software? Your accountant advised you to use Peachtree™ or you read an evaluation of software accounting packages that recommended Peachtree™? Or maybe you just read the package on the shelf at your favorite software store.

Many businesses use QuickBooks today. Intuit is the #1 accounting software company today not because accountants have recommended QuickBooks™, but because the package is intutive and easy-to-use. People-time, i.e. labor costs, is the single largest cost for a business. Wouldn't you like to reduce the time spent by you and/or your employees on accounting data entry and other accounting tasks by using a much easier system? QuickBooks™ is that system and P2QB™ makes it easy to convert from Peachtree™.

Our proprietary in-house software, P2QBLists, can convert all Lists, i.e. Chart of Accounts, Budgets, Customer, Vendor, Item, and Employee lists, in three (3) business days instead of weeks of manual data entry, a painful process which is prone to error. Just verify that all of your Lists are correct in Peachtree™ before you send your Peachtree backup (.ptb file created by Peachtree) and P2QBLists will do the rest. Click the P2QBLists™ link (left) and order your company's service.

If you don't want to wait until year-end closing, Business Management Systems (BMS) using a proprietary software package developed in-house, P2QBPro, will convert all other data too. With P2QBPro BMS can convert both the income and expense sides of your Peachtree™ data to QuickBooks™. That's right! All invoices, receipts, bills, checks, and journal entries can be converted with our proprietary software, P2QBPro.

If your company uses Peachtree™ and you want to convert your Peachtree™ data to QuickBooks™, then P2QB™ will save many hours or probably weeks of manual conversion time. Click each link (to the left) and evaluate our software, P2QB™ and services to determine the right functionality for your business.

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